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MDI Q1 ’23 | What Marketing Decision Makers Want

Marketing Decision Makers (MDMs) have a tough job on their hands. They are required to analyze consumer sentiment, be ahead of the market, evaluate factors (like political, social, economic, etc.) and forecast spends such that it will impact their brand positively

They need to weigh several options before deciding on the brand spends that will give the best ROI in the current context, but also such that it will help the brand in the longer term

Unfortunately, they have little to assist them other than the data the brand collects and their own experience

They often lack collective inputs from industry peers that can help them make better decisions with greater confidence. At the same time, the consumer behaviour is changing, which is especially true after Covid, after which consumer behaviour has altered considerably dramatically.

To know the collective decisions of other MDMs, and to know details of the collective opinion on Marketing Budget Allocations, Marketing Budgets, Media Spend Effectiveness & Media Budget Momentum and Revenue Optimism makes TRA’s MDI a valuable tool for better decision making.

TRA’s Marketing Decision Index (MDI) is a quarterly benchmark report and a global first that provides leading indicators through primary research conducted with 820 Marketing Decision Makers across 16 Indian cities from October to December 2022. The report is meant to provide MDMs with timely, relevant, factual data to help in applied marketing spend decisions.

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