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Who Are We?

TRA's Marketing Decision Index

TRA’s MDI, the Marketing Decision Index, provides data-driven insights on 11 marketing mediums, their strengths, effectiveness, and momentum each quarter. It empowers businesses to optimize budgets, identify trends, and make informed decisions for effective marketing strategies.

Why Marketing Decision Index?

Competitive Benchmarking

Harness MDI’s comprehensive data to optimize budget allocations and outperform competitors. Identify areas for improvement and stay competitive.

Marketing Spends ROI Analysis

TRA’s Marketing Decision Index Report empowers marketers with data-driven insights to maximize ROI, allocate budgets wisely, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Strategic Marketing Planning

Master the dynamic media landscape with nimble decision-making. Stay ahead by incorporating strongest marketing mediums in your quarterly plans. 

Top insights to look forward

Best Marketing Mediums in 16 cities across India

Know which marketing medium will be the best in top 16 cities of India.

Effective Marketing Mediums across country

Data on most effective marketing mediums, across country, along with zonal data. Not to mention the city-wise data for top 16 cities as well.

Marketing Budget Momentum this quarter

Check where the marketing budget momentum is heading and spend on marketing budget wisely.

Interested in Latest Marketing Insights?

Stay ahead with the latest marketing insights from our newest MDI report. Empower your strategies with data-driven decision-making.

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