TRA's Marketing Decision Index

TRA's Marketing Decision Index

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The overwhelming response for MDI has made us decide to make the Marketing Decision Index widely available for free. Get your hands on world’s first quarterly report that makes you help take better marketing decisions. Claim your free copy on button below!

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TRA's Marketing Decision Index

TRA’s Marketing Decision Index (MDI) is a quarterly benchmark report and a global first that provides leading indicators through research conducted with 820 Marketing Decision Makers (MDMs) across 16 Indian cities from October to December 2022. The report is meant to provide MDMs with timely, relevant, factual data to help in applied marketing spend decisions.

Marketing Decision Index Q1 2023 Summary

  • Marketing Decision Index in Q1 2023 is Significantly Positive (88.2)
  • Marketing budgets in Q1 2023 are expected to see a High increase (80.5)
  • Largest marketing budget allocations in Q4 2022 were in Radio Advertising (13%), OOH (12%), and English Print Advertising (10%)
  • Most effective marketing spend areas in Q4 2022 were Digital Advertising (7.31), National TV (7.2), and Digital Search (7.01)
  • Highest increase in marketing budget spends in Q1 2023 are expected to be in Digital Search (9.24), Public Relations (9.08), and Digital Search (8.84)
  • All 16 cities researched in the report showed an increase in business momentum in Q1 2023, with significantly high momentum expected in Kochi (96), Chennai (92), Lucknow (90), Jaipur (90), and Nagpur (90)
  • Digital Advertising was the leading marketing media strength in three out of four zones, while National TV was the leading strength in the West
  • Radio Advertising was least effective in the East (4.00) and South (4.90), Trade Media was least effective in the North (4.86), and English Print Advertising was least effective in the South (5.12)

Key benefits of Marketing Decision Index

Valuable Insights

The MDI provides valuable information on the marketing budgets and spending estimates of private sector companies, and their trends over time.

Strategic Approach

Marketing decisions can be reinforced with the availability of data, minimizing the losses from ad-hoc decisions. MDI helps you take strategic approach with your marketing efforts.

Better Decisions

MDI is a powerful tool to help make informed decisions about marketing strategies. MDI aims at empowering Marketing Managers by helping them make better marketing decisions.

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